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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mental Makeover: thoughts on redesigning your life

I'm of the mind that we all live an unfinished life.

I don't always like it.

Admitting that I'm unfinished sounds like I'm saying, "I'm not good enough." That is, until I look at it like this:

In this life, we're just practicing. Every day is another dress rehearsal, another first time around the lap, another do-over. We don't have to get it perfect, we just want to make the attempt. If it takes more than one, what's wrong with that? We're going to be here for a while.

It's a good philosophy to live by, in general. It provides permission to make mistakes or work around disasters, and saves room for self-forgiveness. You do your best and then let it go. See what happens. If you bomb, look for input from others. Start fresh. That's what I'm doing with the redesign of my life. It's what a client of mine is doing with a project of hers that didn't quite work the first time around. Redesigns come in all sizes and can encompass all or just parts of our lives, or something somewhere in the middle.

Mine was an adventure I initially approached tentatively, because I knew I would have to give up something. I'd heard this before but wasn't open to the suggestion at that time. And this time, I still wasn't quite sure I was ready to make that change, yet knew it was necessary. As I moved forward, things began to make sense. As if traveling on a long road, looking for restaurants, and all of a sudden they're everywhere, you just have to pick one, just like that, I started to get one idea after the other. I didn't have to pick right then. But I wrote them all down. Everything I heard. Everything someone said to me. Any input at all. I wrote it down without judgment. The redesign was underway.

The process has been complicated at times, and certainly time-consuming. But as I approach the result that feels the most authentic, I realize it boils down to this: Uncover and accept your strengths, quirks, passions and limits. Then trust in what you're steered toward naturally to guide you to emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and financial fulfillment.

What happens in between those two sentences is up for grabs, because life as we know it (energy as some call it) is never static. Something could get in the way. You could get halfway there, change your mind, and want to go back. You could take a different turn altogether, something totally unexpected. You could decide any number of things. It's your life.

Don't you like the sound of that?

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Anjuli said...

This is actually a very healthy approach and will reduce alot of the stress in our lives-- if we adhere to this line of thinking! Great post!!