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Friday, June 3, 2011

A break from the blogathon? Yeah, right!

I thought I might take a break after the blogathon to catch up on paperwork, but I couldn't help myself. I had to post. And now I'm wondering, how do you handle a backlog of paperwork:

a) stack it up?
b) ignore it till later?
c) take care of all paperwork as it crosses your desk?
d) did I say, ignore it?
e) none of the above?
f) a mix of the above?
g) other?
g) if a mix or other, how do you respond this way and why?


Julia Munroe Martin said...

LOL -- I've only skipped one day (of blogging) since the blogathon ended because it's hard for me not to post something. It feels so weird, so I know just what you mean! Do you think you'll keep blogging everyday? I guess the jury's still out for me!

BIKE LADY said...

Not likely. It's very difficult to maintain that kind of pace. But I do like to maintain a regular schedule. And sometimes that's even difficult.

Anjuli said...

ignore it :)...but you can't do juggle it all.

Julie said...

Stack it up and ignore it seems to work for me...well, for a while anyway! ;)