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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What awareness of Inner strength can do for you

What if you woke up one day to learn that your own father had tried to kill you when you were just a child? What if you also discovered your own father had killed your own mother and your own brother, that that's why you live with your grandparents?

This was the story Chris Keith learned about his life when he was 12, though he was 5 when it happened. At 30, he's now telling his horrific story to youth groups and juvenile justice centers across the country, teaching struggling youth that they are not alone in this world.

Despite his initial anger at the world, with a lot of help from a best friend, his church pastor, counseling, and his grandparents, this young man was able to move beyond his pain and create a new life.

"Even when we feel we have no inner strength left, you can make it," he says, in the story that ran on CNN last week. It's a powerful testimony to the miracle of awareness and what we can do with it.

Have you read any stories that also speak to this truth lately? If so, would you post a comment and let me know?


Laurie said...

Jackie, I totally remember you! You were with that group of writers I shepherded around Navajo County when I was the PIO there.

I'm so glad you found me! I'd love to meet up with you, and for you to meet my husband. Shoot me an e-mail at lauriefstradling at gmail dot com.

Chris Keith said...

Jackie, I'm so honored that you mentioned me in your writings. Thanks and have a great weekend. Let me know if you ever need anything. Chris-