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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Good news from Google Analytics

On occasion, I check my blog stats for specific information and just learned the link to this post below (dated in May of 2009) is the favorite all-time post. The post,"Crazy is as crazy does," earned the most page views of all of the 400+ posts I've written here at B.I.K.E. WITH JACKIE since 2007. That's good news to get from Google Analytics.

When was the last time you checked your stats for such detail? Why not check them now? Post the link to your blog's all-time favorite post, either here or on your own blog, and let's share comments back and forth to keep the dialogue going--and maybe attract a few new readers.


Debbie said...

Sometimes I forget all about stats. I get so involved in writing and reading other people's blogs. But occasionally I check Google Analytics and also Sitemeter. If anything I love to see that people from other parts of the world actually read Heart Choices. There are many people who never leave comments but read.

I read your post and can understand why it was a popular one Jackie.

I also wanted to tell you that I mentioned you in today's post on Heart Choices. I was writing about the fall season in Phoenix or lack thereof and I thought of your book. So, I included it and a link to you and amazon.

I've not forgotten that soon we must get together. I'll be in touch.


BIKE LADY said...

Hi Debbie,

Thank you for returning to my blog, and special thanks for the post! I just peeked real quick but am heading out for the morning walk with a friend. I'll be back to read it more carefully and post links in the social media networks. Thank you so much for your support. Maybe next week would be a good time to have coffee--or go on a hike, as you mention in your blog post. I'd love that. You're close to the White Tanks, I believe, and I've never been there.