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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Remove the sexting district attorney from office now!

There can be no room for a district attorney who uses his office to intimidate a crime victim. None.

Which means to me that the story in the news this week about the Wisconsin district attorney in Calumet County, Ken Kratz, who has been accused of sexting a domestic violence victim, suggesting she date him (among the 30 messages sent to her via cell phone), is a story about a DA who no longer has a job.

Or at least it should be. News reports today suggest that the governor will attempt to use his constitutional right to remove the elected official, but some people aren't so sure that will fly.

My question to anyone who has read this news and anyone who lives in Wisconsin, or anyone who has any interest in this case whatsoever: why not?

The guy should be out of office, and he should be out today.

Just the mere thought that Kratz would use his office to intimidate a women, let alone a victim who comes to his office for help, surely cannot be acceptable, especially since his behavior isn't merely suspected behavior--He's admitted it and claims he's seeking counseling.

Who cares if he's seeking counseling?! Clearly, he needs it. As many as two other victims have since come forward, and I suspect there are probably others. That's not the point. Counseling, in this case, is just the start of this guy's fix. This kind of behavior requires several years of professional help, and that's not really a fix. That's a repair, a repair that is in no way ever guaranteed. No county can afford to have at the head of its criminal investigations team a guy like this one. There should be no second-guessing here.

Yes, I realize, he's merely been accused. BUT the text messages are out there, and he's actually admitted the offense. Yes, he's even apologized. But that's not enough. He needs to go. Neither should it be enough that his colleagues suggest he step down. He doesn't want to. His arrogance won't allow him to do the right thing. So his higher up, the governor, or his constituents, are going to have to lead the charge and boot him out. Make it today.

Tomorrow, the only news we should be reading in the paper about this guy is that he's cleared out his office and has left the building--and won't be back unless it's to be booked for his crime.

Then, the county and state better be prepared to deal with the lawsuits that will follow. This guy is not going to pay for his crimes. Nosiree. But you can bet the county and state surely will. So, get the guy out now before there is even more hell to pay.

Anyone disagree with me out here?

If you haven't seen the article and want to know more, here's the link:

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