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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

What is satisfaction?

Satisfaction. The Rolling Stones couldn't get it--no matter how many times they tried. At least they sang that in a song, belting out a lot of frustration over the fact of the matter.

William Shakespeare, on the other hand, wrote in "The Merchant of Venice," as quoted by Portia in the play, "As long as I have a want, I have a reason for living. Satisfaction is death."

Powerful statements by both. Yet, they are conflicting, thus, making me wonder: What is this thing called satisfaction?

In the photo above, taken by my boyfriend last summer on a trip to a mountain village in Arizona called Greer, don't I have the look of satisfaction? That's exactly what I was feeling in that very moment. There we were, taking a break from a mountain bike ride. We'd been having the most difficult time going up hill. The altitude affecting our breathing, we were tired. And yet, there I stood, with a smile on my face.

The mountain temperatures were much cooler than it would have been in the dry summer heat of Phoenix back home. Here, we were staying at a luxury cabin with food spreads divvied out on all day long. Cookies. Cheeses. Cakes. Pies. Fruit. Candy. We could have whatever we wanted. And we had plenty of water to drink, or sodas if we preferred. If we wanted a cocktail or a burger, we could walk to the nearby bar & grill. It was peaceful in Greer, and we would see wildlife in the fields: deer, elk, ducks, raccoons. We even took our plant guides on hikes with us through the nearby alpine forest to see if we could identify the wildflowers along the way. It was a great trip, and I'd say we need and deserve more of the same.

But what about when you come back home from a trip like this. Where do you get satisfaction then? Are you always looking for it? Are you the Rolling Stones-like character, never finding it, always looking. Or are you the Shakespeare character, happy for the hunt?

These days, I feel like the Shakespeare character. I have much to do, and I'm always seeking the best way to create the work that needs to get done. But I'm happy for the opportunities. I do feel frustration at times. But my overall attitude is positive.

What does satisfaction in your life look like? Is it attainable?


Ulrike said...

Satisfaction comes in many guises, be it having finally filed that article that took so long to write or it can be a simple 'thank you' from my ususally uncaring teenager, but as with happiness, you have to have times where it's lacking otherwise you can't appreciate the moments when it hits.

BIKE LADY said...

Good point, Ulrike.

Kerri Fivecoat-Campbell said...

I agree, satisfaction comes in many forms. My question of the day this morning when I was combing my hair, is "How do we hold onto hope without letting ourselves get down?"

BIKE LADY said...

Holding onto hope is more about faith, I believe. I suggest finding and holding onto faith first. Hope always follows. Did you write about this on your blog?

MarthaAndMe said...

Like others have said, I can find satisfaction in small things throughout the day. I think it is harder to have an overall attitude of happiness though - that takes some work. You have to remind yourself of all the small satisfactions and add them up.

BIKE LADY said...

Then I am generally an adder upper! ;-)

Jennifer Fink said...

Satisfaction: Watching my two youngest children snuggle, side-by-side, by choice, asleep in bed in perfect identical poses -- after a day of fighting and bickering the each other.