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Monday, February 28, 2011

Inspired by celebrity gossip

Okay, so I'm not immune to celebrity gossip. I read it. I watch it. I make fun of it. And who is not laughing at Charlie Sheen (pictured above) today. If you saw his interview on The Today Show this morning, you probably understand it's not the kind of laugh generated from his TV show, "Two and a Half Men." It's the kind of laugh generated when you're watching a fool spout verbal assaults on others--and, really, he's only assaulting himself.

I'm also inspired to feel sorry for the guy. Who wouldn't feel that as well? The things he's ranting about on national TV: his success, his "winning" attitude, his disbelief in AA, his private "sober house," his "violent passion"'s all a bunch of BS. He can call it his "reality" all he wants. But it's still apparent the guy's got so many problems and won't own a single one of them. That doesn't mean he doesn't really, deep down, want to own them. But he just comes off as a guy who's trying so hard to convince himself, that he's unconvincing to the rest of us.

Which begs the question: Does he really believe in his own nonsense? I think it's sad to say, he has to, or how else could he live with himself...

But there's a message here that maybe his agent should share with him, and it goes something like this:
Charlie, if you're going to go on national TV to try to convince everyone that we need to hear your side of the story--and your side of the story is so flipping mad--we probably don't. You just might be better off saying nothing. I know that's hard to do with an ego the size of yours. But, seriously, Charlie, let it go.
I think this works in private as well. If you have to work that hard to convince someone that what you believe is true, you're probably not going to achieve your desired goal--and you just might alienate the person you want to believe you the most.

What do you think?


Jennifer Fink said...

I think you are absolutely right, Jackie. Over the last year or so, I've realized -- very acutely! -- that I can't control what anyone thinks of me. Other people can say anything they want about me, and I have absolutely no control over whether they believe it or not. The only thing I have control over is myself -- my actions and my behavior. So people can say or do whatever they want; my job is just to go about living my life in a way that meshes with values. For the most part, people will judge me based on my actions (over time), not on the words of others.

If Charlie Sheen (or anyone else) wants to prove how great a guy he is, he needs to concentrate on himself, on living a productive and honorable life.

And note to his 2 goddesses: Moving in with a guys accused of multiple counts of domestic violence is never a good idea.

BIKE LADY said...

Jenny, I think you hit on it. Words don't matter. Actions do. That being said, I'll give him credit for at least reading AA's Big Book enough to know where to find the quote that helped him make one of his points.