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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Artist's Way: Final check-in

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book cover

For those of you who participated in the 12-weeks of The Artist's Way, please consider posting as a comment below what you got out of it. Also, if you want to do it again, I'll consider a second run, starting this month. Again, post a comment.

Overall, for me, I'll tell you that reading the book this time really sparked serious action. I was able to stay on top of my marketing efforts (moreso than posting on the blog). I was inspired to clean clutter in my office. This is something I've been meaning to get to all last year and it never happened. After the holidays, I took the time, and now I'm starting the year 2011 off with a fresh start. I have a desk again! Woo-hoo. Also, I'm focused on finding more time for play. It's not always easy, and I have a lot of deadlines to schedule around. But I'm going to do it. It helps that I have a new grandson. You can't help but give me more priority in the order of things.

So tell me. How are you planning to fit creativity into your life? Is this something you can see as a necessary part of your work now, or as the part that helps sustain you? Share your thoughts here.

And, again, if you're interested in another 12-weeks of reading The Artist's Way together, let me know. But mostly, for now, I just want to know how this session worked for you. What can we do differently? How can I encourage you further? How do you think Cameron's lessons in the book changed your perspective? Post your thoughts here.

And be sure to continue following my posts here at BIKE WITH JACKIE, in the days ahead I'll be focusing on a few themes I think you're going to want to participate in, including on that features color, another that focuses on food, and still another that centers around a Word of the Day.

Expect the best!


BIKE LADY said...

Whoa! There are a lot of typos in this post. So sorry. I'll tell you waht, though. Today, I'm gifting myself with the right to not edit and just go about my day. Besides, sometimes, you gotta laugh at the error of your own ways. And I think my point is clear enough: I just want to know what you got out of your experience with the book. Let me know.

Christina said...

I'm interested. I bought the book with the intention of working through it myself since you were already a couple weeks into it. I didn't start it but want to and have it on my 2011 list of goals.

Christina said... and blogger aren't getting along today. Not sure if any of the gazillion comments I tried to enter made it. Anyways, I'm interested in working through the book and already bought it.

BIKE LADY said...


Let's plan on starting up the first week of February. That'll give me some time to focus on a few things I need to do and then recommit to another round of the book myself. Meanwhile, if you'd like you can go back to weeks 1 and 2 and go from there. But let me see if I can round up a few other interested parties. It'll make the experience more worthwhile if we can get more participants to exchange some dialogue. I think you'll find the book worthwhile. Thank you for the interest.


ResultsPro said...

Would love to participate if you do the "Artist's Way" project again - I have the book and need to review the process - would be great to share with a group online. This was a great idea and I'm sorry I didn't participate earlier.