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Monday, December 13, 2010

Motivated Mondays: The Artist's Way check-in for week 11

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book cover
This was a tough chapter for me. And just to prove it, after I typed in a very lengthy post here about said chapter, my log-in died or something, and I couldn't log back in. Blogger wouldn't accept my password. So I had to get a new password. But guess what? That wiped out my entire post. Since I am taking care of myself on this one, and refusing to be any more frustrated than the chapter itself made me, and thinking that maybe what I'd posted shouldn't have been posted, I'm going with this short version.

In other words, I'm not rewriting. So please forgive me. Let me rely on your wisdom this week, because as I said this chapter was difficult for me. I learned some insights I'd rather not have. And now I have to deal. Blech. I'm also disturbed by technology at the moment.

I will tell you I wrote the Artist Pages three times this week. I know I need to write more. I did my Artist Date this weekend. I'm counting my trip to Old Town Scottsdale and the view of Paolo Soleri's bridge, even though I didn't go alone. It was amazing, with or without company, and I enjoyed the visit and took several pictures.

I didn't do any of the exercises until I wrote my earlier post that disappeared. In that, I had written out a list of about 20 things I love. I enjoyed that moment of pleasant thoughts, and I'll repeat them in my journal later. I also intend to do "The Deadlies," as that sounds interesting and insight-provoking.

I apologize for the short post, but I am going to leave Blogger for now, get back to my assignment, and work on letting go of my frustration.

Please post your comments here about Week 11/Chapter 10, and we'll be back next week to talk more about Chapter 11, where we recover a "Sense of Autonomy." Just two more weeks to go, and then a final follow up to go over any extra thoughts or questions you may be having at the end. We'll also begin anew for any stragglers who want to participate or continue with further practice. See you next week!

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