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Monday, November 29, 2010

Motivation for Mondays: The Artist's Way check-in for Week 9

Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way book cover
We were working on "Recovering a Sense of Strength" last week. So, how did it go?

Feeling stronger?

Chapter 8 visited the concept of strength in various ways: survival, being able to affirm your talents, dealing with loss, understanding early childhood patterns that could undermine your progress. It was also about taking action to regain your sense of self -- the ability and willingness to stand up for your creative self, and to write despite yourself. Thank goodness after all that difficult introspection, chapter 9 will show you the way to self-compassion. You should look forward to this week's chapter.

But for now, we must revisit last week's work.

So, are you feeling stronger, or are you feeling like you'd just like to throw in the towel. TAW may seem like it puts you through the wringer, but it's good work, this deep digging we're doing.

I encourage you to go on. Even if you've set the book aside because of distractions, get it back out. Open the book up and read. Do some of the exercises. Remember, you don't have to do them all. That might be too much. Save some of them for later, or save them for the next time you read the book. You don't have to overdo it or try to impress anyone. There's only one person who matters in this exercise, and that's you.

I will tell you that I'm not feeling the need to go to the page as much as I have in the past. I'm drawn more to write on the computer. And I'm not liking that pull. So I'm going to focus on that more this week. I will tell you that my Morning Pages are starting to look like idea books. Every time I write and read another chapter, I come up with more ideas about the work I'm presently researching. I find that to be an empowering result and hope it continues.

I spent most of the week waiting for my daughter to have her baby, which she didn't, so I've been so preoccupied and have not scheduled a date at all with my artist self. I'm not really sure if I did anything particularly creative this past week; however, I did splurge on a bottle of wine for the holiday and spend some time picking it out, admiring the labels. Doubt that it counts, but I suppose if I were stretching, I could make it. But I'll let you be the judge of that.

I found this statement interesting:

"Intellectualism seems counter to the creative impulse."

I did a few of them:

My perfect world five years from now. I want to own an oceanfront cottage in Maine, and now I've decided to be okay with San Diego (closer to family?). That's where I see myself working. I'll still be writing, only then with the crashing waves near my doorstep, the music in the background. I have a studio, brightly lit with natural sunlight through huge windows. I have a comfy area where I read by firelight. My family can visit, so there must be rooms for them as well. The BF is probably off running down the shoreline. He would love that!

I probably still have my home in Arizona, but I don't know if it's this one. If it is, it better have new carpet and be painted. My HOA is requiring that four-five years from now. I probably earn a handsome half a million dollars a year or more. So I'll be living very comfortably. I've probably sold my BIKE book by then, that's why. I'm probably speaking internationally, though not too much. I like my home life too much. Who wouldn't, on the beach, in Arizona, whatever works???

All of this is probably why I've been so focused on writing more book proposals lately. ;-)

My color scheme It's blue, of course. My eyes are blue. I like the song, "Jackie Blue." I look good dressed in blue. My office is half painted blue. It fits my astrological sign, which is Pisces. And it's my favorite color. Here's the list of few quick sentences that describe my blue self:

I am blue.
I am the color of an Arizona clear summer sky.
I blend well with whites, pinks, purples.
I am happy and serene.
I make others laugh.
I give off high energy.
I am bright and cheerful.
I am the color blue.

I cannot recall any specific issues that occured last week, but I think that's only because I was a bit caught up with other things: my daughter, the holiday, work.

How about you? How did your week with Chapter 8 go? Please report your progress here. We're moving on to Chapter 9 now, where, as I mentioned before, we recover a sense of compassion. You're going to like this one, I hope.

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Suzy Graven said...

Love this, Jackie. I must go back and catch up, but I intend to keep up. Thanks for your work. Suzy

Teresa Bitler said...

I've been keeping up, but I haven't commented lately (too busy). Lately, I've been a bit spotty with my morning pages, but I started back at them again this week. I underlined a lot in the sections on loss, age and "filling the form." For me, the quote that sticks out the most is " begets work. Small actions lead us to the larger movements in our creative lives." Why? I think sometimes I get so hung up on how much an assignment is going to pay or be received or whatever that I lose sight of enjoying the craft.

I didn't really do any of the exercises. I worked on the affirmations a little and am trying to incorporate them back into my day. Since this is my first time through the book, I'm taking it a little at a time.

BIKE LADY said...


I think you are wise to take your time. What I'm impressed with is that you keep coming back. My first time with the book ended abruptly. I couldn't tell you why. Some of that fear? I don't know. But I just stopped and put it away. I had to go back a second time before I could finish it. So I don't even count that first time as a first time. Not really. I'm glad I came back to it, though. It's been a blessing to have it, and I feel so connected to the message now. There's some hidden strength I get from the messages in the book. Each time, I attach to something else or affirm something else. But I always learn from it and gain from it a message I obviously need.

This time, I think, that message is about going my own pace and not trying to impress or be where I'm not. Like you, I've neglected the Morning Pages on many days. Before, I would have felt that was failing. But now I know it is what it is and nothing more. I can always go back to them the next day. I feel a sense of freedom now that I didn't always have. Maybe that's what you're seeing as well.

Diane Faulkner said...

Just want to let you guys know that I am not purposely slacking. I have lost my book. It was here on the couch, and then it wasn't. I have torn this house apart every day this week, and I cannot for the life of me find that thing.

I am crossing a lot of things off my to-do list, though. Maybe that's my synchronicity this week.

kerry dexter said...

I've not been working though the book with you all, but stopping by now and again to learn about what you are doing. that is inspiring too. I like your five years from now vision, Jackie. I can see you doing all that.