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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Don't worry, be happy

So much going on in the world right now. The news is killing me. The Shirley Sherrod case. The Arizona immigration law issue -- struck down by the judge but still being debated and not going away for a long time. The BP oil spill in the gulf of Mexico. I just heard on the news BF now wants to write off that disaster. It's legal. But, oh, what nerve!

Do I even need to post links to this stuff? Doubtful. Anyone who's reading today's post surely knows all there is to know about any these issues, they've been in the news for so long...or long enough.

I guess my point today is simply this: I'm so sick of hearing all this bad news that I could just scream!

Please. Tell me your good news.

Remember that song recorded by Bobby McFerrin in 1998, "Don't Worry, Be Happy"? Well, I just want to do that.

What are you doing in your life to make that happen? My first step is to limit the amount of news I watch. How about you?


Alexandra said...

You know, I think we have hidden our heads in the sand too long, that it is time to throw off the "Don't worry, be happy" mentality. It's outrageous what BP has done and they should not be allowed to get away with it. This morning came news that our farmers (read Monsanto) are outraged that European Union continues to refuse GMOs. I mean, honestly! Do we need to extend the stranglehold on the world's crops? It's time to wake up and protest. I'm actually thinking of moving back to Europe since the food does not poison people there and toxic chemicals in the environment are more regulated. I do worry. I'm not at all happy. I expected change from the Obama administration and so far it has been same old, same old.

BIKE LADY said...


I'm with you on this. I do not mean, in any way, to let BP off, for example. I can't understand why the U.S. government is letting BP "handle" the spill in the way that it has. It hasn't. And so many lives are suffering. The people along the Gulf are speaking out. They are getting on the news. They are pleading with our government for help. But, nothing!

While our funds seem to be wasting away in foreign lands (Donations to Haiti, another example, have been sitting in storage--not being distributed, for goodness sakes, to the people that need them), they could be put to very good use here.

I don't understand why this government has not just taken over the BP disaster, as it seems to me we need to make America's safety our priority. So I'm with you. BP is just ONE thing to be outraged by. And now there's Charlie Rangel! Well, you know there's more Rangels in Congress!

But what I was saying was that I'm tired of ALL of this bad news. It just doesn't stop! It's so easy to get caught up it in. You try to do something (protesters here in Arizona--one more example), and you get arrested. I don't want to feel as though I have no voice. That would be good reason to move elsewhere. I agree with you there as well.

But we can't get the career and corrupt politicians out of office. Election after election has proven that. We can't seem to hold people accountable for their actions. Too many loopholes. We can't seem to bring our men back from these never-ending wars. What do we do?

My response, at least for today, is to put my head in the sand, as you put it. I just want a break from the bad news.

That's all I was saying.

Su-sieee! Mac said...

Jackie, I know what you mean about needing to take a break from learning about yet another bit of upsetting news. Since June I scan the headlines, picking and choosing what to read. Some days, I can get through the news without grumbling.

As for what do I do to stay happy, I just keep doing. And, yeah, I've taken to putting out bird feed in the front yard so that we (the husband, the mama, and me) can look out the windows throughout the day to watch the birds feast and frolic. Very soothing.

BIKE LADY said...

Sometimes, it's those little things, like feeding the birds, that matter more--and make more sense to focus on. We cannot, alone, solve the world's problems. And right now, there sure seem to be a lot them. It can be depressing, if you're not careful.