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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Question of the Day: nurturing the self

What are you doing this weekend to nurture yourself?

I've entered a weight loss contest with my daughter. It's her and her daughter going up against me and my BF. We've challenged each other, as teams, to see which couple can lose the most weight in six months.

We're checking in with each other every two weeks to monitor our progress. Whichever couple loses the most weight that week, percentage-wise, has to make the other couple dinner at home. (We're also finding ways to eat healthier and at home; this looks like it'll be a good one)

So this weekend, I'm dragging my daughter out with me for a six-mile walk. For me, it's not so much about the weight loss as it is about being sure I'm staying healthy, exercising, eating right, and staying in shape. I need to firm up the old body. And I want that for my daughter as well.

So I mentioned that she and her husband could come with my BF and I on the regularly scheduled Saturday runs. I only run sometimes. Mostly I walk briskly. I'm too slow for the regular running group, so I choose whatever feels right on any given Saturday. Sometimes, we ride our bikes, instead. I especially love those days.

At any rate, we meet together afterward for coffee and catching up. It's a nice routine to have waiting when other obligations or events don't get in the way. It's definitely a great way to nurture the heart, mind and soul, and I look forward to when I can go.

This weekend my daughter's coming with me, and that's how I'm nurturing myself. On Sunday, I'm also hiking--because I do want to win that contest.

Exercise is especially crucial for me when I've got a huge project going on that would otherwise keep me glued to the chair and in front of the computer for hours on end, which is the case with me now. I need to stayed focused and unwind.

How about you? Is exercise a part of your nurturing plan this weekend?

(Photo above of Arizona Canal taken by Jackie Dishner)


Marcia Reynolds said...

Absolutely! We are off to hike the Go John trail and see the flowers. We are hiking our way through spring while the weather is so beautiful. A long hike and Sunday and shorter hikes throughout the week. This helps me stay connected and grateful.

Sara said...

Exercise is definitely part of my routine. I know that it helps me to keep a clearer head and better temperament:) I usually find the time during the week for the gym, and then use the weekends for fun things like long walks or jogs in the park.

Best of luck in your contest!

Margaret Turley said...

My daughter and I live in two different cities. We have a weekly SKYPE conference to report on how we did to keep on the path to reach our goals for health and fitness.

Alexandra Grabbe said...

Yes! We were able to walk on the Atlantic beach and the beauty always calms my soul.

My husband and I should emulate you. Your effort at losing weight is one that is much needed after this cold winter, when it was tough to get out and exercise!

Babette said...

I am swimming a lot getting ready for my triathlon team race, but I, too, am getting in shape--overall. Been on a healthy eating kick for just one week and I am amazed at how quickly I just feel better overall.

This weekend I am nurturing myself by working on a story about bees, which includes getting to horn in on a "bee school," where some local keepers teach this craft...Oh, and the farmers market for great veggies!

Sharon Waldrop said...

Staying home and organizing the house and my home office is very therapeutic to me. It's the feeling I get afterward that is nurturing. Getting rid of the clutter is a big stress reliever. When the work is done I can sit down and enjoy reading a novel without feeling guilty since I've done something productive for the day.