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Thursday, November 26, 2009


I'm thankful I only have to make mashed potatoes this year--and that the holiday dinner won't be served till 4 p.m. I have lots of time to dilly-dally. Since I've got a cold this year, I like that idea.

Have a blessed day!


Debbie said...

Jackie, I don't have to make anything this year. We are going to Greg's sister's house and she's making the main meal and my mother in law is making all of the desserts. Pretty cool?

I wanted to wish you a happy Thanksgiving friend. I can call you friend now that we've actually met, right?


BIKE LADY said...

Yes, you can call me friend. I like that. ;-)

Honestly, I loved making the holiday turkey and all the trimmings when I was married. It was easier. Thanksgiving was always in one place. When you have to divvy up the family traditions get lost, it seems. Still, I'm learning to appreciate my ability to be flexible during the holiday season. And it is kind of nice not to have to make the whole meal. I'm thankful to have someone else who so eagerly takes over the production--my daughter's mother-in-law. I'll be going to her house at the Biltmore to enjoy the meal with new family and friends.

Hope you enjoy yours!