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Monday, October 5, 2009

Backroads & Byways of Arizona--a success story

For weeks now, I'd been wondering what will the day be like when I see my book on a bookstore shelf. Well, that day arrived yesterday. But I didn't have my camera on hand. So no photo was taken to capture the big moment. Instead, I've posted a photo of what happened when my hairdresser, Hilda Villaverde (pictured above), saw my book when I brought it in to her studio last week.

I arrived for my regular hair appointment, and what did Hilda do? She reached for my book and started flipping through the pages. Then, she had this great idea to pose for a picture while she pretended to get her hair done. And there she is, in the chair, holding my book up. Hilda knows the value of a good photo opportunity, as she's an author herself. In fact, while I was in her Scottsdale shop, Pluma Designs, she suggested I keep my book there, where she can display it for all to see and talk about it with her customers. She's been in business long enough to know word of mouth is priceless. And talk she did! While I was there, she talked non-stop about my new book to several of her customers who came in after me. Because of Hilda, I may have discovered a few new fans.

My experience with Hilda is a good example of why it's so much more fun to promote your products with friends, family and colleagues.

Aside from yourself, there's no one better to tout your great qualities than the people who know you, the people you work with, the people you surround yourself with and communicate with on a regular basis. These are the people who you want on your team giving you the high-fives.

Today, I have an exercise for you. Make a list of the people you know you can count on to sing your praises. They've already done it before, so it shouldn't be too difficult. These are the people you find yourself thanking all the time. They've stepped up before. You know who they are. But just in case you need a reminder, write their names down. What this does is give you something concrete to use when you're looking for support on your next big deal.

And there should always be a next big deal. What's yours?


kerry dexter said...

I like that idea of making such a list -- good to have when times get tough, too, to remember there are people in all degrees of friendship who believe.

and Hilda sounds like a gem.

BIKE LADY said...

I just had an editor write to me on Facebook with ideas on how I could promote my book. I never actually wrote for her, and she's freelance now, but I was surprised that she'd take the time to send me a lengthy note privately like that. So you never know who is out there supporting you. It's more people than you know. And that's a nice thought.

Thanks for your good ideas, by the way, on the next post.