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Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Just a short post today to wish all the dads out there a happy day!

Without a father of my own to celebrate--mine died when I was a toddler--I'll take the space here to acknowledge my son Rob (pictured left). He's a new dad. His baby girl Maysun (my first grandbaby, pictured center with her auntie, my daughter Celia) was born at the end of January this year. This is Rob's first Father's Day. And boy will he have a story to share for the rest of his life. I called him yesterday, and he said his family in Lake Tahoe already celebrated Father's Day--a week early! When I asked why, he told me, "They just got the day wrong."

Not really. Isn't every day a Father's Day for dads? ;-)

(Photo taken by Granny Jackie in February 2009, Lake Tahoe, Nev.)


Debbie said...

I love that name and spelling; Mayson. How unique! And what a little doll. Happy Father's Day to your son. How exciting for him to celebrate his first. Too funny that they got the date wrong.

Thanks Jackie for your kind words on Heart Choices.

The BIKE Lady said...

That was funny, wasn't it. I told him to milk it and demand special treatment today. But he said, no, he's happy where it's at. Good son! ;-)

And you're welcome for the kind words. Loved reading all those posts about your family.

Bella said...

Hey Jackie!
Your family is beautiful! Well, I did it! You got me Tweetin' @ CottonwoodBnB
C U There!

The BIKE Lady said...

Hey there, you're on Twitter! I saw you had signed up and followed you right back, Bella. Good for you. Just finished my final proof copy of my book and turned it in. Your lovely inn is right there in the listings--in the Wine Country chapter (I covered the north region.) and also (if editors let me do the add-in) in the Verde Valley chapter. That's a no-brainer.

Good to see you here!
All my best,