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Monday, March 16, 2009

Speaking from the soul

Funny how things line up exactly the way you need them at exactly the moment you need them.

That's how I felt on Saturday when I attended a meeting at the speakers' group to which I belong. It had been several months since my last visit, and Saturday's line-up featured a presentation by Dr. Carl Hammerschlag who spoke about "Speaking from the Soul." I had never heard him speak before, but I'd heard many good things about his work. So I was glad to pay my fee to attend.

And I wasn't disappointed.

The man's easy manner with the audience, the warmth reflected in his voice, his slow and steady pace, the natural way he moved in his space...I'm sure it wasn't just me who sat there transfixed.

Of course, the doctor's message is something that rings true for me, so it could have been just that. I doubt it. I think the entire roomful of people felt much the same as I did.

I'll be giving my first presentation next week after several months off the platform and have been feeling out of practice. So it was good to be reminded to speak with authenticity. I can do that. Dr. Hammerschlag told us that people are craving this right now. And I have been told I do this well. Listening to his presentation renewed my sense of self, thankfully.

Interestingly enough, since my recent travels included time on the Navajo Reservation, I could relate to his mention of the Navajo word for truth, hozho. He explained that it means more than that. It's a word that comes from the Navajo way of life, to walk in beauty or harmony. It's their truth. It's who they are, their soul. In other words, to speak your truth, is to speak from the soul, he explained.

It seems simple enough.

But he said it requires risk-taking, and people don't necessarily like to be vulnerable in front of others. But to speak your truth, to speak from the soul, requires it.

What you say with your words, he told us, you must mean in your heart, and it must be reflected in your actions--at least most of the time (His assessment allows for imperfection.).

Although he was talking about speaking, or presenting on the platform, his directive to "risk the unknown" goes beyond that. We can all benefit from risking the unknown. He says it's about trusting your gut. As I've learned from my own experiences, there is no greater truth than that.

If you haven't done this lately, ask yourself these questions:

What risks have I taken lately?
Are my words reflective of my actions?
In my own struggles, how have I shown that I can trust that which I don't know?

If you speak from the soul when you answer these questions, you will begin to find your hozho.

That is some of what I've learned from the seat of my bike. I was pleased to have the good doctor confirm it for me.

All my best,


Stephen Andert said...

WOW! I just realized what I have been missing as my biking and running have been largely absent lately and it has less to do with fitness than I thought.

The BIKE Lady said...


I'm so pleased you get that. Riding my bike proved to be a lifesaver in many, many ways. Get back on yours, and you'll soon see what I mean.

Since you run, too, you may be interested in reading a book called Running the Spiritual Path by Roger D. Joslin. He writes about a similar experience as I have had riding. It's a powerful message.

Thanks for commenting.