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Friday, February 22, 2008

A BIKE and a book...or two

I wanted to report that my class at Homeward Bound is going well. I had compiled a list of about 12 books that I read in my early days of recovery from my divorce, well, even before that, and distributed it in class. I was thrilled to hear that this non-profit is trusting in my work so much that it has ordered all 12 for the on-site library. I'm thrilled because the ladies will have these resources so easily accessible. They won't have to buy them themselves, and they probably couldn't afford them anyway.

I've mentioned a few of those books here already, and will continue to mention them. In your own recovery, from whatever past trauma or turmoil or just the everyday challenges you're dealing with today, you'll decide what you need. You'll create your own list, I'm sure. But be open to the books and authors I mention here. They've helped me; they could very well do the same for you.

My point is that books are merely a starting point. To live a life of joy takes a lifetime. Every day, you must decide to seek it. A book with new ideas is just the starting point. You have to take action to make things happen. That's where those BIKE rides come in. They help move you forward. You consciously become aware of where you are and where you're going, and you move accordingly. It's no secret. It's not magical. It's really a natural progression, but it's very individual. And only you really know the path you need to take.

Maybe this weekend, you can visit the library or bookstore nearest you and find a book that offers lessons you could benefit from learning right now. Your progress can start there, with a book. It doesn't have to be self-help. It can be a travel book of essays. It can be a travel guide. It can be a book of fascinating facts or quotable quotations. It can be anything that speaks to you at this moment, anything that provides you with a message that you need to hear. You'll know if you need to hear it, because it will draw you in, most likely without you even recognizing it.

However, you want to get to the point where you do recognize, because then you'll be open to the greatest amount of learning. Julia Cameron mentions this in her book The Artist's Way. She calls it part of the spiritual path to higher creativity. I used her book over and over again as part of my spiritual path to a better life. You can, too. That's on the list.

Happy reading!

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