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Sunday, July 15, 2007

I believe it does take a village

I just found out my daughter is moving back home after a living a little more than two years in another town, another state, another job.

The move back is unexpected but welcomed. It'll be nice to have my not-so-little girl close by again. My son, her brother who moved with her, plans to stay behind; he likes his life. (But I cannot help but wonder if his attitude will change once she's gone. Ummm.)

What brings her home is unimportant other than it shows me how well she can handle a challenge. She's found herself indirectly involved in a life-changing experience, and she's taking responsibility for helping make the transition go as easily as possible, not just for herself, but also for those nearest and dearest to her, such as her brother, who would otherwise be left in the lurch.

She knows it takes more than one person for chaos to occur in a relationship. And she knows how to focus on the solution rather than drain all her energy on the problem. That doesn't mean she doesn't vent. Trust me. I've heard it all. But that's okay. We all need those shoulders, and more importantly, we need to know where we can find them. I'm glad she knows.

I hope you know where your support system can be found. If you don't, today I encourage you to start looking. We are not alone on this journey. My son reminded me of that several years ago, and I can still hear his voice in my head when I need to be reminded again. "You are not alone, mom!" he said to me during one particularly angst-filled morning. His words were so comforting to hear at that moment, and I've never forgotten them. Just as that bicycle sitting my garage appeared at the precise moment when I needed it, his words did as well, and I know they came from a source greater than ourselves.

That's also why I know BIKE is more than just a ride; it's a spiritual ride. The time you have alone with yours will help you find your metaphorical village. Wherever your support might be, all you have to do is be open to the embrace when it arrives.

Enjoy the rest of your day not only knowning but also believing, "You are not alone."


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