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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Join me for the 2012 WordCount Blogathon!

It's that time of year again.
May 2012 represents the 5th year of Michelle Rafter's 
WordCount Blogathon. Here's sample of this year's badge:

It's also my 5th year participating. We started getting 
our badges three years ago, and they've added an extra 
ounce of fun to the month-long event.
If you haven't been around long enough, let me 
share with you that the annual May Blogathon
offers a whole new dimension to BIKE WITH JACKIE.
I use the 31 days of daily blogging to focus 
on a theme. Since I've recently gotten the sense
knocked back into me, I'm choosing the "bike"
as my theme this May. So I'll be blogging about
all things bike-related. It'll help me stay focused
on the bike, and it'll give you a greater 
appreciation for what those two wheels really mean. 
Expect to see photos of bike imagery I have collected
over the years. Expect to read about other bike blogs,
maybe a few interviews and guest posts. Expect to find 
out what the bike means to the folks I follow on Twitter. 
And when Haiku Day rolls around, you can expect 
to read more Baiku, instead.
It'll be a fun month. We'll keep it upbeat, and 
I'll toss in some inspiration for you as well. You'll 
also be introduced to a whole slew of blogs you 
might not have visited otherwise.  
To find out what exactly this Blogathon is, click on 
the link above. It'll take you to the registration
page, where, if there's still time, you can sign up. 
Also, Michelle invited me to guest post about the event
last week, and she ran the post yesterday. Visit her site 
to find out why I keep signing up for the challenge.
And be sure to keep coming back here to read
all the about the bike. Lance Armstrong may say in 
his book that it's not about the bike. But I say, 
yeah, it really is. 
See you in May when you'll find out what I mean. 

1 comment:

Anjuli said...

am very much looking forward to not only participating in the 2012 blogathon- but to also be following you on your 'bike' exploration of everything bike!!

This will be my third year participating- but I only actually completed ONE year of a full 31 days- so my goal is to make this my second year of actually completing all the days!!! DEEP BREATH!