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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Profile interview--I need your help!

I'm getting ready to interview a young woman, married with five children. Her husband's in the military and serving overseas. She's about to graduate college. I'm writing a profile about her accomplishments. If you were reading this story, what would you want to know? Post your questions in the comment section below.


Yokota Fritz said...

I'm curious how effective the various support systems (on base, off base, official and non-official) and what changes she has seen over the past few years in those support systems.

Anjuli said...

I would want to know how she handles the separation- also how she juggles are five children with her college. I admire her- and would want to know some of her coping skills- what she does to be able to cope with all the different things she handling right now.

Cindy White said...

I would want to know about her drive and determination. What keeps her going and where does her inner strength come from?