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Friday, September 30, 2011

Mini Monkey Light--review coming soon contacted me today about writing a review for one of their new products. While I don't do reviews that often, this product looked too cool--and fun--to pass up. As you all know here, I love fun! And I love spontaneity. This product seems to fit both. So watch for a review of the new Mini Monkey Light right here in October.

Till then, check out this fun video link, and let me know if this is something that you'd put on your bike, your child's or refer to a friend to put on theirs. After I get a chance to ride around on my bike with these lights--in an area where I can catch some attention to see what other people think about them as well--I'll let you know what they're really like. I'm looking forward to this fun task ahead. Stay tuned.


Anjuli said...

interesting- I think I would like something like this for my grandkids- I want their bike wheels to look interesting but also to alert people they are on the road no matter what the weather condition or lighting- this seems like a great idea.

BIKE LADY said...

Initially, without having seen them or used them yet, I think they're a great idea. Regular bike lights can be hard to detect in my neighborhood, which doesn't have a lot of light, so I'm looking forward to testing these. But I agree. I think they'd be great for kids. Very colorful and fun.