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Monday, July 11, 2011

More on the branding experience

My position statement:
Jackie Dishner is a motivational speaker, writer and author who inspires you with tales of her authentic life adventures.
This is what we came up with as a position statement. What does this say to you? Do you buy it, get it, understand what you might expect from me? Would you want to know more.

The consultants I'm working with helped me come up with this statement; it's what I'd say to you in a networking situation. It would be my elevator speech.

Your thoughts?


Anjuli said...

I love this statement- I agree with it- you have inspired me on more than one occasion.

BIKE LADY said...

Thank you, Anjuli. That means you "get" me then. That's what this process is all about, finding the people who get you, just like the guy I interviewed a few weeks ago about pissing people off. The purpose of branding is to dig for that laser sharp focus that leads you to do the work most appropriate for you and to capture the attention of the people who would most benefit from that work--the people who get you.