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Friday, February 12, 2010

Question of the Day: Who's your Valentine?

It's the season of sweethearts, chocolate and sexy lingerie. But I wanted to remind you to remember who to take care of first. You. You're the real Valentine in your life.

Yes, you may have a sweetheart who will hand-feed you sweet nothings and deliver red roses or fresh tulips to your door, but deep down, if you're not taking care of you, none of that other stuff matters.

So, when you wake up on Sunday morning and realize it's "I HEART DAY," remember the heart you're most responsible for each and every day. Take care of YOU!

Happy Valentine's Weekend to all of you!


I'll return to BIKE WITH JACKIE on Tuesday.


joene said...

Great advice, Jackie.

Ulrike, Dubai said...

That is so true Jackie. But equally important I think is to be nice to your 'Valentine' all year round. Making 'an effort' once a year just doesn't cut it, in my mind. You've got to be thoughtful toward yourself and others all year round.
Happy Valentine's!

Alexandra Grabbe said...

What a spectacular message! Thanks for bringing a smile to my face today. Another thought to pass along, sometimes buying oneself a bunch of colorful tulips in winter isn't a bad idea either. With them come beauty and the promise of spring ....