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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My book: Backroads & Byways of Arizona

Kermit Hummel, editorial director, Countryman Press, had this to say today about my book (so I am told by Kim Grant, the acquisitions editor):

"...just went through the proofs for Backroads & Byways of Arizona. What a splendid little book. It just makes the place incredibly interesting and varied. Great job on this by Jackie Dishner."

You must celebrate your successes, so as they say in Twitterland, "Woot!"

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Meredith Resnick said...

This is fantastic news. A big WOOT to you. I did my undergrad studies (U of A) and know what a beautiful state AZ is. I love visiting. I need to buy this book before my husband and I go to AZ again!