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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Ted Turner wisdom

I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Ted Turner, but I dated a guy in college who admired him greatly. That admiration had a lot to do with the fact that they both had ties to Atlanta. I wound up marrying this college sweetheart of mine (He later died.), and I've always noticed anything said or written about Ted Turner since. It's not anything I purposefully look for, but when he appears on TV or on a magazine cover, I can't help but notice. Perhaps it's simply because the guy reminds me of my late husband; they share the same hairline and color , color of eyes, and that dimple on the chin...

This morning, Ted Turner appeared on NBC's "Meet the Press"--I WAS a big fan of Tim Russert's!--and I watched. Discussing with Tom Brokaw a former rift with Rupert Murdock, Turner said about their reconciliation: "It hurts you when you don't like someone; it doesn't really hurt them."

It hurts you when you don't like someone; it doesn't really hurt them.

That's a line worth repeating. It made me stop and think. There are people in my life who I haven't really liked, and I've experienced my fair share of rifts. Turner's insightful words made me immediately think, Who cares? Who really cares? They don't.

So what's the point? He's basically saying, "Let it go."

Let it go.

Three more words worth repeating, again and again.

Can you think of a rift in your life that needs to be discarded? If you're being your Best self, you'll find a way to admit there probably is such a rift, and you'll figure out how you can let it go. Not for them, but for you. It means you recognize where you can make improvements in your life, and that you will take the steps to do that. It may take time--and the letting go part doesn't have to involve that other person directly--but you know you have the power of choice. You'll rely on your Inner strength to remove the shame or doubt that surfaces. You'll trust your Killer instincts to take the necessary action. And you'll use your Expressive voice to say what might need to be said or to simply reach out in whatever way will move you forward.

Here at BIKE WITH JACKIE, it's always about forward movement. That's our goal with this mental bike ride. Whatever's holding you back, whether or not it's a rift, together we look for ways to get beyond the struggles, which can come at us so unexpectedly. We know we're not in this alone. Thankfully, if we're open to improvement, we'll gain the insights or epiphanies needed--even if they come from a TV personality.


Debbie said...

Jackie, I'm sorry to hear about your late husband. I too liked Tim Russert and was saddened by his sudden death. Just thinking about two 'young' men dying is enough to realize that life is short.

I think there will always be people we don't particular like or that we simply prefer not to spend too much time with. I don't enjoy being around very bossy people but there are times when I have to deal with them. When I worked as a nurse, this was quite common, particularly when dealing with a scared Type A man having heart problems! :)

I think the main problem is when we hold grudges and refuse to forgive someone. I do believe it's true that it only hurts us and the other person goes on with their life, often clueless. The only way we can be free is to move on. I may not want to spend time with that person but holding onto the bitterness ends up hurting us instead. Gee, and all this after seeing Ted Turner!

The BIKE Lady said...


Thank you.

I agree there will always be people we don't particularly like. I would say it would be impossible otherwise. And I agree with your thoughts about grudges.

That's where that Expressive voice comes in handy. It might just be telling you, if you're holding onto anger or hurt, that it's time to let go. And if you can't do it alone, there's help. That's what I mean about reaching out.

And, yes, who knew Ted Turner could spark such dialogue. ;-)