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Monday, November 17, 2008

News and gloom

An economic downturn, layoffs, business closings...and now the California fires that have left 100's of families without homes.

This is not good news. Even the thought of a new president with charisma, charm and inspirational ideas about giving our country an economic facelift doesn't change that fact.

So what are you doing to overcome the challenges you're personally facing at home and at work?

A bike ride, alone, won't cut it.

I know that. I don't try to pretend here that it will. But it can help make a difference in how you perceive your personal challenges. If your bank account is running low, if your job is on the line, if you're having difficulty finding work, if your business is in need of customers, if you're worried about your financial future, my special brand of BIKE--This one's mental, not metal--is a tool you use to combat the fear, the anxiety, the stress. I use it daily. I also ride daily. And in those really tough times, where emotion takes over, and I forget, it's okay, because I know, just as my physical bike is parked in my garage, my mental bike is parked in my head; it'll be there the minute I choose to "ride."

Because, you see, I, too, still get stressed and worry and sometimes slip into negative-thinking mode. Sometimes, I do not operate at my optimum. And, like you, I am concerned about the economy. I am concerned when I read about yet another publishing company that's laying off employees or dumping a magazine altogether. These are sources of my income. It does send my thoughts to wonder where the next job will come from if the magazine I write for is shutting down. These are pretty normal concerns for me. And whatever your concerns are, I bet they're normal for you.

I can't imagine one person who is not affected by what's going on with Wall Street and beyond on some level. It's not good news out there, and there's not much to convince us it's going to get better any time soon. Even when I try to ignore it, I get a statement in the mail that I don't want to read. I know the numbers it lists are down. I'm not sure if want to really see how low or imagine how low they could still go. I don't know that it would be productive to look right now. But I do, and then I file the statement away. I do not control those numbers, so I just take charge of how I respond to them.

And I know we are never without hope. Things will turn around. That's a given. It's just a matter of time, and we don't have the ability to predict how long this cycle will last.

But you can stop spinning your wheels with my special brand of BIKE. At least, it's a start. It'll help you become more aware of who you are and what you're really made of inside. It's a good idea to know that during tumultuous times. The more you know about yourself, the better chance you have of overcoming the challenges that life drops in your lap when you least expect them. You won't act hastily. You'll take the time to think through the challenge--no matter what it is--consider your options, and respond in the best way that works for you. We just bring more trouble into our lives when we react to chaos, instead of respond to it. And that's how my BIKE can help. But you have to learn how to make it yours.

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