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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

American-made self-help books selling in Brazil,0,2920383.story

Click on the above link to learn about the nature of self-help in Brazil--it's a boom market for authors.

"The self-help and spirituality market continues to boom in the U.S. -- in 2007, it pulled in more than $600 million in U.S. revenue, according to Simba Information, a Connecticut-based market research firm. But only certain American self-help books do well in the international market," the article states. Who knows why it's growing in Brazil, but it is and publishers are going to try to capitalize on this, for sure.

The article went on to quote Mark Tauber, vice president and deputy publisher of HarperOne, a spirituality and self-help division of Harper Collins who says success abroad remains a case-by-case possibility.

"It's not a universal thing for self-help to work abroad," Tauber says in the article. "A lot of these books do find a very big international audience -- some of it has to do with where authors have advocates or disciples."

Los Angeles-based author Steven Carter, who just cashed a $60,000 royalty check for a self-help book he wrote several years ago must have a few.

I thought the article was interesting and may be of interest to any of my readers here with a self-help book ready to be written. I know I have mine to complete.

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Gloria Chadwick said...


You're right. Brazil is a booming market for self-help and spirituality books. It's been that way for a long time. My first book on reincarnation, written 20 years ago, sold Brazilian rights and it's still in print, both in the U.S and in Brazil, and lots of other places, too. When books offer a universal theme that appeals to people everywhere, there are no borders and it "travels" well.

The BIKE Lady said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Gloria. I'll look up your book on the Web. I thought this was overall good news for self-help authors, so it's good to hear of your own success. Thanks for posting.

All my best,