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Sunday, April 20, 2008

End bitter divorce now!

Oh, I wish that would be possible.

And that's why I've posted a second time today.

I couldn't help myself and wanted right away to post the above headline. I just read an article about David Hasselhoff and the end to his bitter divorce. I would love to be able to teach him and his now ex-wife about my mental BIKE. We can all use a way to transform our anger. No one needs to live a life that fuels bitter feelings.

Not that you shouldn't feel anger. There are plenty of things in the world to feel angry about. Divorce is one of them. But if the anger drags on, if you don't respect the feeling (bury it, pretend it doesn't exist, avoid expressing it, etc.), it can turn into revenge. You'll want to get back at someone for hurting you. And what a wasted use of your energy. I encourage you to use that energy for positive action instead, for forward movement.

The more I talk about my BIKE, the more I believe I need to teach more classes. I need to open my BIKE Lessons up to more of the public. So I'm going to look into doing that by year-end. I'll keep you updated. Maybe I'll be able to travel and bring the class near you.

But right after I read Hasselhoff's news this morning, I ran across a column written by Billy Graham. In it, he quoted the Bible, responding to a question another divorced father had about the broken relationship he had with his children because of divorce. Graham put it to him straight. He told the man he needed to own up to his mistakes. He needed to be honest about what he had done to cause that rift. And then he reminded the man what it says in the Bible, "A gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger" (Proverbs 15:1).

It's okay if you don't read the Bible, believe in it, or don't even want to acknowledge it. But please don't be offended by my opinion that the words within are words of wisdom that can help us live a happy and prosperous life. Some people, I know, look at the Bible differently. But I am very sure my God wants me to live a joyful life here on earth. One way I can do that is by avoiding bitterness. That's something my BIKE allowed me to do. With my BIKE, I grew closer to my spiritual guide, and for me, that is the Lord, and he gave me the knowledge and the ability to be able to do that. I am so grateful for His work with me.

I do believe a gentle answer works much better than harsh words. Speaking of which, I know someone I can speak to right now who deserves a gentle response.

Do you?

All my best,

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