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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Ask and you will receive

It's as simple as that.

And it's a message I've been telling my kids since they were little: Ask and you will receive. My daughter is particularly adept at it.

It always works, in some way or another. Maybe the answer will be no, maybe the answer will not be immediate. But it's always a good thing to ask for what you need, especially when you feel as though you shouldn't. When you feel that way, it might mean you've reached a plateau and help is the only way you'll move past whatever hurdles might be in your way.

The moment you feel you can't is the precise moment when you must.

You must take action to get the help you need.

I have a perfect example, and it happened to me this morning. I've been fretting about this for a few weeks, since I was sick and knew I'd be traveling soon. What was all the fretting about? I had no idea when I'd be able to make time to do my taxes. I have an awful lot of paperwork to sort through, and a lot of numbers to organize--and I'm not a user of Quicken. So my tax work involves a hand-held calculater and lists that are not made with spreadsheet ease--I don't know how to use Excel, either. (Clearly, I have a few classes I could sign up for, don't I?) So, finally facing reality, I just e-mailed my tax guy, asking him if I can file an extension. I had to admit it: I simply won't have time to do my taxes until I return from a trip to New York--after tax day.

He wrote me back immediately--"I'm filing it today," he wrote.


Happy dance.

I love it when I speak up and ask for what I need, and get it. It gives me such a good feeling to know I'm taking care of myself.

Is there anything in your life that you've been needing lately? Are you fretting over it? Is worry settling in? My guess is there is something you can do, or someone you can ask, that will help you meet this need.

Ask and you will receive...something. Most likely, it will provide the relief you seek.

All my best,

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