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Monday, March 22, 2010

Life is a "team" sport

A friend in my neighborhood and I walk together in the mornings. We are also in a Mastermind Group together, for which we meet once a month to discuss strategic planning and business goals. Additionally, we belong to a breakfast networking group that meets once a week. I consider her part of my "team." I increase my Inner strength because of my relationship with her. It strengthens me to know I have her in my life.

I find our walks together helpful because we can talk about our personal stuff, but during the Mastermind meetings we discuss business. We hold each other accountable. The breakfast meeting involves anywhere from 20 to 40 women, so we don't necessarily interact directly there. But I like that we have so many connections. I've known this friend since our kids were in elementary school together. So we've watched our lives change considerably in what is probably a two-decade time span, and I suspect we'll continue to support each other.

She's a great confidante, and I'm lucky to have her on my "team." That's how I view the people I surround myself with, both personally and professionally. I do this for several reasons:

_A team works for the benefit of all.
_Team members look out for each other.
_Different members bring different skills to the "game."
_They all seek success.

It's a positive way for me to look at the people in my life who, I consider, part of my support group, my "team." As with most teams, my roster has changed over the years, usually out of necessity. And I'm always looking to see who I might need to add next.

It is for this reason that I think of life as being a "team" sport. As long as you're all looking out for each other, your team is going to advance to the next level and continue to compete, or provide value. The minute one of your team members dodges his or her responsibility, then the team is in trouble and needs to be adjusted. Or, sometimes, people just outgrow the old team.

If you take inventory of who is your team right now, you might list the following types of people on your roster, the obvious ones:

_spouse or significant other

I'd also be sure to include a spiritual component: God.

The team also includes those you go to for professional advice or assistance, such as:

_financial advisor
_dry cleaner
_cleaning service
_pet sitter

And the list could go on. Your team can be as big as it needs to be, and its size fluctuates. If you considered your life as a team sport, who would you want to be sure is on your roster?


Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Super great glad that
I stopped by...Love your blog.....I am doing some fun blog hopping tonight.
....Hope you will stop by for a visit. I have a giveway that I am drawing for this Friday...

Babette said...

My team def. includes my writer friends, a smallish circle of the larger whole...

My sister.

Wow. I don't know. I don't know who is on my side...I think I have not been very introspective as of late--keeping to myself and not even asking for some of the help I need. You bring up interesting things, Jackie.