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Thursday, July 9, 2009

Question of the Day!

Based on recent news--of those who have died, been caught cheating, and other things shocking--which of these people would you want to interview...and what kinds of questions would you ask?

A year from now, I'd want to interview Jenny Sanford. I'd want to ask her three things:

_What were the first words you said to Mark after he returned from Argentina and you knew he'd been with his supposed "soul mate"?

_Do you remember those words now?

_What did you do to move past that initial pain?

How about you? Who would it be and what would you ask? Post your thoughts here.


Todd Felton said...

Michael Jackson, for obvious reasons.

The BIKE Lady said...

He'd definitely be fascinating to interview. I'd have a billion questions to ask him.

kerry dexter said...

I'd like to interview Kate Jackson and Jaclyn Smith. One of the things that has struck me through all the coverage on Farrah is the persistence of friendship and support among the three, through long years, many changes, and difficult circumstances at times for each of them. I'd ask them to reflect on that.

The BIKE Lady said...

Kerry, I hadn't even thought of Farrah--and certainly not these two women. What a great choice! Maybe you should pitch that.

kerry dexter said...

Thanks! maybe I should.