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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's more than just exercise

I love it when someone reads my blog and "gets" it.

Yesterday, I had a reader comment about my post that he understood (and this is not a direct quote) that riding a bike is more than just about exercise.

He's right.

Here, the bike goes beyond that. Here, the bike is a metaphor for the way you live your life, for the way you work through the challenges that threaten your progress, whether that's personal or professional.

Today, I challenge you to give yourself time away from your usual schedule to find a quiet corner, or some other space (whether it be on a bike, on the patio out back, on yoga mat...), and consider the biggest challenge going on in your life right now, at this very moment.

What's the worst-case scenario? What might be the best outcome? More importantly, which would you choose? Consider how you might get there? What steps will you need to take? Can you do just one of them today? If so, follow the NIKE approach and "just do it." No ifs, ands or buts. Just do it. Get it done. Pick the easiest if that's what it takes.

One step forward--no matter the size--is all you need to move closer to the desired end result. Even if you feel like crying while taking that step, then go ahead and cry. Just grab a tissue, and keep moving forward.

In my case, during my darkest challenge, my steps grew to miles on the road. Let yours be whatever it takes. But first you have to consider where you're going. You must know what lies at the end of the road. That vision will be key to your success.

For me, it was a physical bike that took me to my destination. For you, it may be something else entirely. But if you're having a difficult time reaching your goals, understanding what's going on in your life, making progress of any kind, you might benefit from a physical form of exericise. The physical growth you are sure to experience can become the mental growth that's far more important. It's that mental growth that will act as the reminder of what you are truly capable of achieving, of what you are made of within, of what is the best response you can employ in any given circumstance.

It's something to think about, anyway.

All my best,


Kim said...

Hi Jackie! I totally slipped off the radar after the Ron Carlson class at Kenyon but I've checked in here now and again. Love your blog. Congrats on finishing your book. That's huge. Drop me a line. Would love to catch up:

The BIKE Lady said...


It's really, really good to hear from you. You did slip off the face of the earth.

I'll e-mail you.

I still think of Carlson's class...frequently. It was some of the best writing moments in my life. Way too much fun to be called work.

I'd love to do it again some time.

I'm glad you love the blog; I love writing it, especially if it can benefit others. Cool.