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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A bike collection

I've been buying bike imagery a lot lately. I believe in having visuals to help you connect with goals. So I've been buying bikes. I have my mountain bike, of course --the one I ride. That Trek 4300, and my Huffy, were the first. Then I purchased my business cards, with the bike picture on it. A friend gave me a pin to wear on my lapel--it's a little golden bike. Another friend gave me notepaper with an image of a person riding a bike. Then after yet another friend sent me a greeting card with a bike image on it, to help me celebrate some recent BIKE-related successes, I decided it was time to start a collection. I see BIKE is starting to catch on, and this is exciting for me.

I am a collector, after all. I collect matchbooks, nutcrackers and books of all kinds. So why not bikes? I already had a good start, I knew. So when I was in Las Vegas last October with friends who were running the Las Vegas Half Marathon -- as running Elvi, of all things -- I found a special bike card at the Expo. It's an image that moves. Not sure if I can explain it, other than it looks like the biker is actually riding the bike. It's pretty cool, so I had to have it. I'll frame it. I also found a wine bottle bag with bike decor all over it. And just the other day, I found a bike replica at Cost Plus. I saw it once, and I'm the type of buyer who shops for things first. Then, if I go back to the store, and the item is still there, I take that as a sign, and I'll buy it then. That's what happened with my $30 welded bike sculpture. Now it's sitting on a shelf in my office.

This imagery is letting the BIKE continue to work it's mental magic.

If there is something, some image, that will help you make your dreams come true, I encourage you to use the magic within. This kind of imagery can help you stay focused.

If you were to start your own collection today, what image attracts you?

All my best,

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